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Darsanalaya Foundation,
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Darsanalaya Foundation

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The launch of Darsanalaya in Philippines was held at Pasig Cathedral Manila, Philippines. Acharya Isaibaba (Fr. Aji Sebastian CMI), the Director of Darsanalaya and the founder of ‘Sheethali Chikithsa’ was invited to Philippines by Diocese of Pasing to attend the Inaugural Function and following one week, Seminar on Herbal Medicine.

Inaugural function convened at the premises of Immaculate Conception Cathedral and the CMI ‘s in Philippines were present on the occasion. The programme started with the holy Eucharist led by Fr. Aju Varghese CMI, the chaplain of ‘The Medical City’.

Rev. Fr. Roy M Rosales, The Chancellor, Diocese of Pasig proclaim the launch of Darsanalaya Foundation, Philippines. Ms. Maribel Andaya Eusebio, The First Lady of the City was present for the inaugural session. The aim of the Foundation is to reach out the simple medicines of ‘Sheethali Chikithsa’ system to the needy / poor people in the provinces of Philippines. ‘The Wellness Philippines’ and the ‘Tree Police’ of the country will associate with Darsanalaya Foundation for the successes of the mission.

It is the beginning of, a lifelong quest of opening wellness and health for the poor needy people in this country. Ms. Mariya Victoria Geronilla and the family have shown the interest in Darsanalaya Foundation in Philippines. The Geronilla family is already in the field of wellness for long years. The First Lady wished that “Let it be, a historical moment for future mission of sharing the herbal knowledge between two countries and for the service to the people of Philippines”. It could be a first step of Darsanalaya to reach out health to every one in Asia to fulfill the dream mission, “Health for All”.


Bharatha Parambarya Vaidya Sangam (BPVS)
(National Society of Traditional Doctors)

National Summit of BPVS

The Herald of India

Three days National Summit - 23-25 November 2009
A three days summit of Bharatha Parambarya Vaidya Sangam (BPVS) (National Society of Traditional Doctors) held in the NCR (Faridabad and Delhi). Summit was organized by Darsanalaya Society, which is fully involved in the promotion of herbs and traditional medicines. Honorable Member of Parliament Mr. P T Thomas has consented patronage of the Sangam movement. The advisory body to this Summit consists of Dr. Paul Joseph IES (Retd.) Principal Advisor, Mr. Alias from Kerala House, Mr. Sebastian Daniel a Social Activist.

The opening ceremony of the summit was at Darsanalaya Ashram, Chandpur Village Faridabad. Swami Krishnan the Secretary of the Sangam chaired the summit. There were around 34 representations from different states of the country. There were discussions on Traditional Health System, Potential of Traditional System, and Regional Analysis, Issues on Traditional System, Experience Sharing, Future of Traditional system, and Importance of National Coordination of Traditional Vaidyas. Fr. Aji Sebastian the Gen. Secretary of National Coordination Committee presented the paper on the Existential crisis and the importance in the prevailing health scenario. The summit finalized the following resolutions.

1. The Sangam will submit a memorandum to apprise the issues to the knowledge of Government so that a new Policy may be adopted or existing Policy may be modified to accept, encourage and develop the potential of Traditional Medicine Practitioners;
2. Acknowledge traditional medicine as part of primary health care to increase access to medical care and to preserve knowledge and resources; and ensure patient safety by upgrading the skills and knowledge of traditional medicine providers.
3. It is proposed that Government may ensure the quality, effectiveness and safety of the products and practices of traditional medicine in public interest;
4. The Sangam decided to request the Government to formulate an expert’s forum to analyze the quality service of the traditional vaidyas to the main stream of health service.
5. Request the Government to generate a data base of the talent of traditional vaidyas of the country, so that diminishing wisdom of the indigenous health practitioners must be preserved for the future generations. The Sangam must get responsibility and involvement to any such forum.
6. Government may kindly organize/support training program for the benefit of traditional healers, barefoot doctors, within their level of understanding, and with the use of their resources.

The summit concluded with the press meeting at Kerala House, New Delhi at 6.30 pm. Honorable Members of parliament Mr. P. T Thomas, K.P Dhanapalan and Anto Antony also participated; and agreed to highlight the issues in the parliament.


Acharya Isai Baba in Guwahati, Assam


Acharya Isai Baba
in Guwahati, Assam

A two-day program on Health Awareness and Treatment through Herbal Medicine organized in association with NGO's namely North East Sunrise Academy, Guwahati and HAVAN, New Delhi at Silpukhuri Rajahuwa Namghar premises from 16 to 17 November (Time: from 10 am to 6 pm) Press Release

Isai Baba Honored by BPVS
Baratha Parambarya Vaidya Sangam (Society of National Traditional Doctors) honored Dr Aji Sebastian by appointing as Gen. Secretary of the National Coordinating Committee w.e.f. 1st Nov.2009


Acharya Isai Baba in Philippines

Acharya Isai Baba in Philippines

Acharya Isai Baba in Manila 19-25 of October 2009, honoring an invitation from the Ateneo University to attend a seminar at the East Asian Pastoral Institute, to an international group of scholars and missionaries. He introduced to them the Seethali Chikithsa, a unique system of treatment that he has developed, tested and now is being acknowledged by the World.
A blending of spirituality and herbal medicine, Sheethali Chikithsa is making waves as an effective system of healing and healthy life. The CMI family in Manila felt elated and proud of their congregation, as Brother Acharya Isai Baba engaged the intellectuals, medical practitioners and Spiritual masters of the Philippines, in showing the strength of the Sheethali Chikithsa and turning many of them to his disciples.
Scores of people stood in line to get an opportunity to get a "darshan" of this acharya that they may get healed of their infirmities through his unique system of healing. Those who followed his medical-spiritual procedures testified to have had an instant healing effect on them.
A miracle of sorts, there was a terminal case, which the doctors had all given up hope, with the prediction of "few more days of survival" has claimed to have shown tremendous improvement, stunning the medical community and the religious society to which she belongs. They want more of him….
New Consulting Centre Opened consuling center at Kalyan, Maharashtra
New Consulting Centre Opened consuling center at Sant Hospital, Burari, Delhi. Inaguration by Dr. V K Sahdev (Sr. Consutant, Sant Hospital)

Darsanalaya is an Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research, with affiliation to Indian Board of Alternative Medicines and it is engaged in Research and Promotion of Herbal Medicines. The system of Heat Reduction Therapy, popular as 'Sheethathali Chikithsa' of India, developed by Darsanalaya winning confidence of patients suffering from chronic health issues related to metabolism. This system follows traditional herbal method in a modern simplified composition along with regulated diet and yoga to fine tune the whole persona. 'Effective fire-fighting' to balance equilibrium of energy levels of metabolism is the theory of 'Sheethali Chikithsa'.

Based on the principles of ‘Natural Healing’; accelerated through application of herbal medication; is very easy to administer.. Patients can easily terminate medication after achieving the healing process through Sheethali Therapy. As the cost effectiveness of herbal medicine, free from any herbal steroids and side effect; attracted more and more people towards Sheethali system, especially from the remote rural villages of Indian subcontinent. Sheethali Chikithsa Kendra’s / Clinics are serving in different parts of India.

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Darsanalaya Foundation

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"Sheethali Chikithsa (Heat Reduction Therapy) is an integral and complete Indian approch to the health and wellness of body, mind and soul of human beings. It is a way of life as it explains Dietary, Life Style, Yoga, Meditation, Counseling and Herbal Therapy"........ Isai Baba


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