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Navadarsahan Scholarship Program

Darsanalaya took initiative to promote value-added education for students of under privileged sections of society. The program called as Navadarsan. The Aims and Objectives are to promote value-based classes, to give Health and Family Education, to find out the Leadership Qualities of the children, to give Dreams for the youngsters. Also, provide Counseling, Yoga Training, and Meditation Techniques to the children to reduce the stress and to increase Concentration and Meaning in life, to make a better rapport between parents, teachers and children, to conduct Animation programs for teachers and parents  through the schools.

The inspiration to Nava Darshan is from the words of APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

"Dream, Dream, Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thought result in action" (Ignited Minds, P.1)

Sheethali Chikithsa

The idea of Nava Darshan (New Vision), value-added education program is originated form the group discussion of experts in the field of Academics, Social Scientists, Social Workers, Educationists, Artists, Film Directors, Politicians and Principals of CBSE Schools. The discussion resulted to formulate the objectives for Nava Darshan Education Program.

The Aims and Objectives of Nava Darshan Education Program
  • To promote value based education.
  • To give health / family education.
  • To find out the leadership qualities of the children.
  • To create a stage for interaction and to widen their world.
  • To create a sensitive generation for the future.
  • To shape the youngsters into persons with a strong character and outgoing personality.
  • To give dreams for the youngsters.
  • To find out the talents of students.
  • To provide counseling, yoga Training, and Meditation techniques to the children to reduce the stress and to increase the concentration and meaning in life.
  • To make a better rapport between the parents, teachers and children.
  • To conduct animation programs for teachers and parents through the schools.
Baba Aji Kazhayam processing Consultation
Arogyalaya Hebal Medicines Kazhayam processing
There are thousands of schools in government and private sectors. Over the years of experience with the students and parents made it clear about a few issues related to this field. Stress among the students, Identity Crisis, Broken family relationships, Emotionally imbalanced teachers, the aimless life etc. were the major issues by findings of study.

During the celebration of Society Day, Navadarsan Scholarship Program inaugurated and one hundred students enrolled as beneficiaries of the program. The society granted scholarship for one hundred students from thirteen schools. Mr. K. Koshi IPS, DG Bureau of Police Research Development inaugurated this program. Fr. Aji Sebastian, Director of the Society explained the details of the Scholarship Program and called for the support from parents, relatives, teachers and school authorities.

The initiation of hundred brilliant and poor children from the villages reached one hundred and thirty now and more students added periodically for the scholarship. It is not only to provide little financial support, but also to give formation to these children though seminars, talent shows, sports and games. Navadarshan aspirants have regular get-togethers, classes, seminars, sports & literary competitions etc
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