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Darsanalaya Society (Regd)

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Darsana Arogyalaya (Sheethali Chikilthsa Kendra)

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(Heat Reduction Therapy)

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Guide Map


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Darsanalaya Ashram is an Indian Christian Ashram, run by the CMI Religious Congregation and is located in a beautiful and innocent village called Chandpur on the banks of River Yamuna, Faridabad District about 20 KM away from Faridabad city in Haryana state, India. The concept of this ashram is Action in Contemplation.

All social activities of the Ashram are promoted through Darsanalaya Society which is a Charitable Society Registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 with a view to Plan, Organize, Unify and Implement Socio-Economic, Educational and Health-Care activities of Darsanalaya Ashram. People from all walks; irrespective of cast and creed is behind the functions of the society.
All those who visit Darsanalaya are welcomed to the Ashram family to share the message of ‘with the people for goodness’. The strength and the back-bone of the Ashram are their support and guidance. People from all walks come together to share and gain the joy of simple living with balanced diet for health related issues.
One of the main stream of the activities is in the field of Herbal Medicines. Renewed Traditional Doctors, Sadhus, Tribal Doctors and Seekers of Natural Medicines visit this Ashram and the Ashram inmates visit different areas often to share the sacred knowledge about herbs.
Darsanalaya Ashram is a place of sharing in the field of Herbal Knowledge. Research on different herbal plants and its uses for a better health is a very common subject of the Ashram life.


  Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi and Ashram at Chandpur Village, Haryana
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Guide Map

Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Thamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jarkhand, Orissa, West Bangal, etc.



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Darsanalaya News
Expansion of Navdarshan Scholarship Program for students.
New Consulting Center at Janakpuri, Delhi
Award of rupees one lakh to Darsanalaya by Dpt. of Socialwelfare Haryana Govt.
Support for herbal Promotion by Dpt. of Agri. Haryana Govt.
New Clinic in Tamilnadu at Chennai opened.
New Clinics in Andhra Pradesh at Nalgonda and Hyderabad start serving..



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