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Darsanalaya Archives
Visiting Chief Minister of Haryana at Darsanalaya Stall, World Health Day – Faridabad
World Health Day was organised by the District Officials as a Health Mela on 7th April 2006 at District Stadium, Sec. 12 Faridabad. Mr. Boopender Singh Hooda (Chief Minister – Haryana) was the Chief Guest. Darsanalaya participated in this programme on an invitation from the District Officials. Our theme for the Exhibition and Programme was AIDS Awareness and Abortion. Around Ten thousand people visited the stall specially Chief Minister of Haryana made his presence
The Society conducted an AIDS Awareness Exhibition and session on ‘Governance and Civil Society: An approach to community work practice’. during the national seminar on ‘Reorganizing Community, challenges for social work profession’ for social work students by Delhi University at Bhim Rao Ambedkar College. There were around 200 students from different parts of the country. Fr. Aji Sebastian the Director of the Society chaired the session on ‘Governance and Civil Society: An approach to community work practice’. Delhi University Vice Chancellor, professors and social workers from different parts of the country visited our stall and attended the workshop.

News & Views

National News papers, Periodicals, Magazines and Special Suppliments in different languages reported about Darsanalaya. Darsanalya Ashram and activities of 'Isai Baba' reported in news papers like Tribune, Express India, Christian Today, Malayala Manorama, Metro Manorama, Mathrubhumi and the TV channels like AAJ Tak, IndiaVision , Jaihind, Kairali, IndianCurrents, Gulf Today, etc.
The international Missiological Magazine Third Millennium, Global C Mission and in some of the other periodicals projected Dr. Aji Sebastian (Isai Baba) for his work in the field of herbal medicines.
Darsanalaya Forecast Front Aug10
Article about Darsanalaya and Isai Baba (Fr. Aji Sebastian) on The Forecast Front, August 2010
Acharya Isaibaba in UAE
The Article about ‘Isai Baba’ of ‘Darsanalaya Ashram’, Chandpur, Haryana, India featured in Gulf Today news paper 1 Jan.2010 by Mohan Vadayar.
"The true tale of a young sage who developed and introduced a new health culture in India. He developed a new system of treatment called "Sheethali Chikithsa" or (HRT) Heat Reduction Therapy.........." Documentry by Asok Sadan
Documentary on Isai Baba of Chandpur (Fr. Fr. Aji Sebastian), his herbal medicine Sheethali Chikithsa and Darsanalaya Ashram Directed by V K Sreeraman ('Sreeramante Veritta Kazhchakal', Kairali TV Part 1) More at Click here
Acharya IsaiBaba -Third Millinnium- Oct - Dec 2008

Article about ‘Isai Baba of Chandpur’ featured in Oct. - Dec. 2008 issue of ‘THIRD MILLENNIUM’, (Indian Journal of Evangelization) Vol. XI(2008) Issue 4, titled “My Medical Pilgrimage to the “Isai Baba” of Chandpur’ by Dr. Saju Chackalackal
( Isai Baba of Chandpur )

Article about ‘Isai Baba of Chandpur’ featured in Dec. 2008 issue of ‘Global C Mission’, (a multilingual quarterly of news and views from Pastors and Missionaries around the globe) Vol. 3 Issue 3, titled “My ‘Medical’ Pilgrimage to the “Isai Baba” of Chandpur’ by Dr. Saju Chackalackal CMI. ( Isai Baba of Chandpur )
IsaiBaba Report by KN Shaji

Article about ‘Isai Baba’ of ‘Darsanalaya Ashram’, Chandpur, Haryana, India featured in Mathrubhumi news paper 21 Sep.2008 by K N Shaji.


Activities of Darsanalya Ashram is always reflected by all who got a chance to and unique style of Baba Aji, specially on healing, herbal treatment and universal simplicity is always reflected by all who got a chance to contact.

A Tribute to Isai Baba

'A Tribute to Isai Baba' from the book of poems titled "Journey to the Heart" by Fr. V. Richard




Thoughts shared by veteran Sadhu Ittyavirah (the Missionary Philosopher of India) about ‘Isai Baba’ of Chandpur.

"Thanks to Isai Baba of Chandpur". Testimony of Mr. Karan Batti who regained his vision through herbal therapy at Darsana Arogyala (Sheethali Chikithsa Kendra) of Darsanalaya Ashram, Chandpur Village...

Photo Gallery of moments to remember

Posters on awareness of issues and campaign
Acharya Isai Baba (Dr. Aji Sebastian)


  Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi and Ashram at Chandpur Village, Haryana
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Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Thamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jarkhand, Orissa, West Bangal, etc.


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'Jesus in Dharma', Article by by A.J. Philip in Indian Currents....
Darsanalaya News
Expansion of Navdarshan Scholarship Program for students.
New Consulting Center at Janakpuri, Delhi
Award of rupees one lakh to Darsanalaya by Dpt. of Socialwelfare Haryana Govt.
Support for herbal Promotion by Dpt. of Agri. Haryana Govt.
New Clinic in Tamilnadu at Chennai opened.
New Clinics in Andhra Pradesh at Nalgonda and Hyderabad start serving..


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