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Acharya of Darsanalya Ashram

Fr. Aji Sebastian CMI, widely known as 'Isai Baba' (Christian Guru), the Acharya of Darsanalaya Ashram and disciple of Fr. Swamiji Michale Sadhanand. He is a member of the Kochi Province of CMI Congregation. From the very young age he has an attraction for Indian Sanyasa life. From the very childhood he practiced yoga. Later during his studies he adopted yoga for treatment and enlightenment. He has a deep rooted knowledge in different religions and he is a seeker of truth. Since he opened his mind to every religion, people form all walks often visit him and discuss about the truth.

Divine Guru Jesus Christ
He learned Action in Contemplation from his Divine Guru Jesus Christ. Baba Aji was touched by His way of simple life and healing. For him Jesus was a revolutionary because he took God from the so called holy temples to the valleys, sea shores and to the streets. Jesus Christ is the one who showed a new way of love and service, “I prefer mercy than sacrifice”, a friend of sinners and tax collectors, invited people to become the children of God. Jesus always found time to be with his Heavenly Father and moved through the villages and cities like a compassionate human being. He and His teaching are simple and understandable for the ordinary people, nothing than love one another. His solitude and silence in the wilderness made his the way the light and the truth. All his actions were originated from his search in solitude.
Blessed Chavara the founder of CMI Congregation is an example and role model before him. That is why the name of the ashram is kept as the dream of Blessed Chavara, Darsanalaya Ashram from his 'Darsanaveedu'. Blessed Chavara was a visionary. He was a reformer of the church in Kerala. He imbibed the spirit, to serve the people from the long hours in solitude and silence. Bl. Chavara is one of the trios who founded the first Indian religious congregation. He took the initiative to start the educational institution and it was open to all irrespective of caste and creed. It initiated a great social change in the cast-ridden society of Kerala. His step to print media expanded the horizons of people’s knowledge. He was the pioneer in visualizing the emancipation of women in Kerala. He was also the pioneer in visualizing the need of caring for the poor and the aged in the society. He has touched all the walks of life at his time.

Guru Swamiji Michale Sadhanand of Sachidhananda Ashram is the master and mentor of Dr. Fr. Aji Sebastian CMI. He learned his first lessons of herbs from his master Fr. Swami Sadhanand at Sachidhananda Ashram, Narsingpur, MP. Swamijis’ life and words enriched Baba Aji and he even today is guided by Swamiji. Narsingur was the place where he took meditaion in search of truth behind his vision of 'Gharbhagraha Anubhav' (Womb Experience in life after birth) for a period one year (3 May 2002 to 2 May 2003) in silence and solitude.


Fr. Aji Sebastian took 'Indian Sanyasa Diksha' from Guru Samiji on 14th February 2007

During the philosophical studies, his quest for herbal medicine and inclination towards serving the poor needy people in a special way made him to explore more on power of herbal medicine. Inspiration and motivation of Guru Swamiji helped his voyage.

In addition to his priestly ordination as per Christian Tradition at CMI Ceminaries; He has a Diploma in Naturopathy, Bachelor of Alternative System of Medicines (BSAM), Doctorate in Medicine (MD) and PhD in Alternative Medicines. He is a member of Baratha Parambarya Vaidya Sangam (BPVS) and Gen. Secretary of National Coordinating Committee (BPVS). Presently he is pursuing a course in Bachelor of Electropathic Medicines & Surgery. More than his bookish knowledge, he acquired knowledge in different types of tribal medicines and Herbals from the Tribal doctors and Sadhus. He learned all these through the risky journeys to the interior forests and living with the Tribal people and Sadhus.

His experience opened the way towards a unique system called, 'Sheethali Chikilthsa' (Heat Reduction Therapy). He treats all diseases with this unique theory, which is harmless. His treatment is based on Yoga, Meditation and different types of herbals and alternative medical systems.

He is the founder and the principal of the Darsanalaya Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research which is affiliated to Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. Darsana Arogalaya is the Fifteen Bed 'Sheethali Chikithsa Kendra' (hospital) where he treats the patients with this system. People from different parts of the country and abroad visit this place for treatment. Darsana Arogyalaya is also having different centers in Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Thamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jarkhand, Orissa, West Bangal, etc. He gives training in Herbal Medicine, Yoga and conducts Health Camps in different parts of the country.

  Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi and Ashram at Chandpur Village, Haryana
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Darsanalaya Centers in Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Thamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jarkhand, Orissa, West Bangal, etc.
He is already in the media about his works. News on him was published in news papers, periodicals and TV channels. Interviews, Documentries, Testimonies of patients, etc available in public domains. visit Darsanalaya News


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